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Mulalley retains carbon neutrality status for seventh consecutive year

July 2022

Mulalley retains carbon neutrality status for seventh consecutive year

We are delighted to announce that Mulalley has maintained its carbon neutral status for the seventh consecutive year.

Unavoidable carbon emissions have been offset by supporting four projects from around the world, which reduce global emissions by more than an equivalent amount to that emitted by the company.

Mulalley has again had a robust, independent assessment of their carbon emissions completed by Carbon Footprint Ltd. Sustainability and protecting the environment is at the heart of what we do and addressing the climate crisis is an important consideration for Mulalley: Managing and reducing carbon aligns with Mulalley’s ISO 14001 (Environmental management) and ISO 50001 (Energy management) certifications, compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting), and our commitment to the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

Our total carbon emissions have decreased by 56.03% since our baseline year (2016/17) and have decreased by 38.51% since the previous year (2019/20). The scope of reporting includes all business operations under green-house gas (GHG) Scopes 1 and 2.

The chosen carbon offset projects are all internationally certified and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that aim to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Those most relevant to Mulalley and the company’s values include climate action, decent work and economic growth, and good health and wellbeing. This year’s projects bring Mulalley’s total carbon offsetting to 1,155 tonnes of CO2e over the last seven years, brining our overall total to 10,605. As well as having a local and global environmental benefit, the projects also bring social and economic benefits to communities.

Dr Wendy Buckley, Client Director at Carbon Footprint Ltd. said: “Mulalley continues to be a leader in its sector, by responsibly reducing absolute carbon emissions significantly since the company started its journey way ahead of others. In addition by continuing to compensate for the remaining emissions by supporting high quality internationally certified projects, the business has successfully achieved carbon neutrality for 7 years."

Company Director Eamon O’Malley said “We are once again so pleased to retain our carbon neutral status which reinforces our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We will continue to monitor our carbon footprint and reduce our own energy consumption.”

The four chosen carbon offset projects are:

African Biomass Energy Conservation PoA Malawi Biomass Conservation:
The project aims to disseminate over 8,000 improved energy efficient cookstoves to homes in Malawi. Malawi is classed by the United Nations as a Least Developed Country (LDC). The improved technology and practices are intended to replace less efficient technologies and practices and result in biomass conservation and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere from the burning of solid biomass

Reduced Emissions From Deforestation And Degradation In Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary:
The Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary protects one of the largest remaining primary forests in Cambodia and provides a habitat for over 950 wild species and 75 threatened species. This project protects the forests and the carbon stored in the vegetation in order to reduce carbon emissions going back into the atmosphere. The project also aims to conserve the culture and tradition of indigenous and local communities.

Energising India Using Solar Energy Projects:
The project is a step towards supporting the implementation and installation of five grid connected renewable solar energy power plants in India. The total capacity of the project activity is 480 MW and the power produced displaces an equivalent amount of power from the activity and is expected to reduce emissions by around 850,000 tonnes of CO2e each year.

Arca Hydro Electric Power Plant:
Arca Hydroelectricity Power Plant is constructed on the Solakl River, at the downstream of the Arca Weir. Its construction and operation will be delaying the addition of conventional fossil fuel powered plants to the Turkish National Electricity Grid. The project activity is saving around 31,405 tonnes of CO2e per year.

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