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Mulalley win twice at the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Leading Lights Awards

November 2023

Mulalley win twice at the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Leading Lights Awards

Mulalley is delighted to announce we have won two awards at the prestigious Considerate Constructors Scheme’s (CCS) national Leading Lights Awards. Sean Robinson, our Sustainability & Environmental Officer, won Environment Champion (awarded to an individual that has championed sustainability), and our Mulalley Marketplace platform won Natural Environment Enhancement.

The ceremony showcased the exemplary work of UK and Irish construction organisations, their sites and individuals - celebrating their outstanding efforts in going above beyond the CCS Code of Considerate Practice.

Over 350 guests attended the glittering awards ceremony to celebrate 51 construction sites and organisations, and 12 individuals who, in their projects and initiatives, have raised the bar in being a Considerate Constructor.

Sean Robinson said: “I am so thrilled that our Mulalley Marketplace has been recognised for its contribution to the reduction of waste, and for me to have won the Environment Champion award is fantastic.

“I am proud of the large impact Mulalley Marketplace has had in such a short space of time, diverting materials to the local circular economy. It shines a light on how wasteful the construction industry can be, but also shows the opportunity there is to be more resourceful by circulating materials reducing environmental impact, saving money, and giving back to the community.

“A big thank you to the site teams who have got involved in the initiative donating materials from their sites, and to my team who have supported and mentored me since I began at Mulalley last year.”

Executive Chairman of the CCS, Amit Oberoi said: “On behalf of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, huge congratulations to all this year’s award winners.

“These construction sites, organisations and individuals should be immensely proud of their success. The enthusiasm and considerate practice they have shown in being a Considerate Constructor is highly commendable; achieving great standards through initiatives across communities, the environment and the industry’s workforce.”

Mulalley Marketplace is a unique platform that allows its teams to efficiently divert surplus construction materials away from the skip and towards local community partners. To reduce the amount of waste generated, sites can simply upload details of unwanted materials to the Marketplace, which would then be circulated to local community organisations, colleges and charities to reserve and pick up.

Since its introduction in March 2023 the initiative has donated 169.5 tonnes of material worth over £50,000, including: bricks; doors; timber; paving slabs; skirting; tiles and paint. By increasing the lifecycle of the materials and diverting them from being wasted, this saves new materials being purchased saving on the resources being extracted from the earth, safeguarding the natural environment as well as creating an embodied carbon saving. It also gives back to the communities in which we operate, helping organisations in need.

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